ABYC Marine Systems Certification

This 4 day course is designed for the marine professional with at least 3 – 5 years’ experience working with marine systems design, installation or repair and will provide the student with a comprehensive and focused look at the key ABYC standards. The successful certification candidate should have some familiarity with ABYC standards.

Course registration fee:
ABYC Member price: $985
Non-Member price: $1,270
*Price includes Study Guide and lunch each day

The new certification requirements are in effect for this course. For more information click HERE (http://abyc.site-ym.com/page/CertProgram).

Topics Covered:
Potable water systems
Marine sanitation systems
Hull piping
Electrical installations
Compressed gas for cooking and heating
Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Fuel systems (gas and diesel)
Steering and control systems
Accessory control systems
Fire protection systems
General knowledge and boatyard etiquette. (Addresses specific tool usage and precision measurement)

Standards Covered: 

ABYC Standards

A-4, Fire Fighting Equipment
A-6, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment
A-24, Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems on Boats
E-11, AC and DC Electrical Systems on Boats
H-22, Electric Bilge Pump Systems
H-23, Water Systems for Use on Boats
H-27, Seacocks, Thru-hull Fittings, and Drain Plugs
H-24, Gasoline Fuel Systems
H-25, Portable Gasoline Fuel Systems
H-32, Ventilation of Boats Using Diesel
H-33, Diesel Fuel Systems
P-1, Installation of Exhaust Systems for Propulsion and Auxiliary Engines
P-14, Mechanical Propulsion Control Systems
P-24, Electric/Electronic Propulsion Control Systems
Code of Federal Regulations
33 CFR 183

Visit http://abycinc.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=927988&group for more details and registration. Online registration is available until April 21, 2017.