FWC and Critical Wildlife Area Management

The FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee) is proposing a number of additions and changes in the CWA’s (Critical Wildlife Areas) from Collier County through Tampa Bay.

It’s just the kind of issue that most of us busy people, simply ignore. Yet it is one of those government agency issues that can directly affect your business when your customers can no longer wet a line in several of their favorite fishing destinations. CWA’s can restrict access to certain areas that are deemed to be breeding or nesting areas for birds and other animals. In some cases these are responsible designations that will help preserve our ecology. In others, they are politically motivated by the vocal minority who would prefer to never see an outboard motor again.

SWFMIA President, Hans Wilson has sent a letter to FWC expressing our opinion and concerns. As always, these issues are best influenced by those who are directly affected. We have posted a detailed report of all the areas under consideration for you to download.

We urge you to take a few moments to review CWA’s in your area and spread the word to your customers to get involved. Please contact us with your comments.

Download the CWA report and SWFMIA’s response here.