Notice to Navigation Interests: NTN 2017-009 Tropical Storm and Hurricane Operations at Locks (Okeechobee Waterway and Canaveral Harbor)

*This notice was originally posted by the US Army Corps of Engineers (Jacksonville District) HERE

Notice to Navigation Interests: NTN 2017-009

Notice is given that 72 hours prior to a Tropical Storm or Hurricane making
local landfall locks will be open 7 AM to 10 PM supporting vessel safe
harbor passage. Lock operations will stop 8 hours prior to land fall as Rail
Road and drawbridges will be lowered or rotated and locked into a secure
position. It’s important that all vessels are at their intended destination
before bridges are secured and passage across the waterway suspended.

For Lock Operator safety the locks will:

  1. Stop locking vessels or working outdoors if lightning is observed within
    five miles of the lock and operations will not resume until lightning has
    not been seen in the area for 30 minutes.
  2. Stop locking vessels when winds exceed 35 MPH.

After a storm it could be days or weeks before the waterway is reopen
depending on damage to structures and how quickly debris creating navigation
hazards can be removed.

For up to date Lock information contact the shift operator 7 AM to 5 PM at:
Canaveral Lock 321-783-5421
St Lucie Lock & Dam 772-287-2665
Port Mayaca Lock & Dam 561-924-2858
Moore Haven Lock & Dam 863-946-0414
Ortona Lock & Dam 863-675-0616
WP Franklin Lock & Dam 239-694-5451

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