Statewide Boating Economic Impact Study Released

The Marine Industries Association of Florida has released a 2015 study of the economic impact of boating in Florida, recently completed by Thomas Murray and Associates. SWFMIA joined with several other MIA’s around the state to fund the study. “While there are a number of studies out there, we felt it essential to agree on one set of numbers we will all use”, said President Hans Wilson. “At our recent statewide summit, it was agreed to use the Tom Murray study. For the first time in a long time, we can all speak from the same playbook.” The study breaks down by region, giving us great data we can use here in southwest Florida. In SWFMIA’s region of Collier County through Citrus County, recreational boating had a $1.8 Billion economic impact creating over 24,000 jobs. SWFMIA members are encouraged to download our 2 page synopsis of this study and to keep these numbers handy and make use of them in talking with government or business contacts.