SWFMIA local government agenda items for the week of October 5, 2020

Lee County Tuesday the 6th @ 9:30am

No issues

City of Cape Coral Monday the 5th @ 4:30pm
Resolution 162-20 Approve the Revised Concept Plan for the Yacht Club and Authorizes Additional Funding

Alternative plan for moving the boat ramps to the basin will be considered. The ramps will be moved from the river to either the canal or the basin.

City of Fort Myers Monday the 5th @ 4:30pm

Approve submission of an online grant application for the Fiscal Year 2021 Clean Vessel Act Grant program, in the amount of $103,026.75, with a 25%City match of $34,342.25; $17,171.13 from the Yacht Basin operating budget and $17,171.12 from the Public Works Legacy Island project fund, for a total project cost of $137,369.00, to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the purchase of a pump-out vessel for the Fort Myers Yacht Basin to remove waste from the holding tanks of vessels staying at Yacht Basin moorings, others anchored within City limits in the Caloosahatchee River, and from the restroom facility on Legacy Island


Town of Fort Myers Beach Monday the 5th @ 9:00am

Anchorage Advisory Committee Report

Anchorage Advisory Committee Appointments

Appoint Members to the FY2020-2021 Anchorage Advisory Committee (AAC)

Marine Resources Task Force Appointments

Appoint Members to the FY2020-2021 Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF)

City of Sanibel Tuesday the 6th @ 9:00am

First Reading




City of Bonita Springs Wednesday the 7th @ 5:30pm

No issues

Village of Estero Wednesday the 7th @ 9:30am

No issues

Charlotte County No Meetings

City of Punta Gorda Wednesday the 7th @ 9:00am
GA-08-2020 An Ordinance of the City of Punta Gorda, Florida, amending Chapter 6 of the Punta Gorda Code, relating to the use of waterways, operation of vessels, construction within waterways, seawalls and canal maintenance; rewriting and reorganizing substantial portions thereof; providing for conflict and severability; and providing an effective date. SECOND READING

Appropriation of funds for FY 2021 grant awards from Charlotte County Marine Advisory Committee (MAC) under the Boater Revolving Fund Grant Program to fund the Police Department’s Enhanced Law Enforcement Activities Program.

Charlotte County Marine Advisory Committee

Punta Gorda Isles Canal Advisory Committee

Sarasota County Tuesday & Wednesday the 6th & 7th @ 9:00am


To adopt a resolution authorizing the expenditure of West Coast Inland Navigation District County Navigation Improvement Funds for the replacement of a Sarasota Police Department Marine Unit patrol vessel;

To authorize the West Coast Inland Navigation District staff liaison to submit an application for funding to the West Coast Inland Navigation District for consideration by the West Coast Inland Navigation District Board;

To adopt a resolution, Budget Amendment No. B2021-001, amending the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget to appropriate funds for replacement of a patrol vessel by the Sarasota Police Department Marine Unit, in the amount of $97,865.00;

To authorize the County Administrator, or designee, to execute the West Coast Inland Navigation District project agreement and third-party grant agreement for this request


No issues

City of North Port No Meetings

City of Sarasota Monday the 5th @ 1:30pm

No issues

City of Venice No Meetings

Town of Longboat Key Monday the 5th @ 1:00pm

Ordinance 2020-15, Amending Chapter 93, Vessels, Waterways and Water Activities Ordinance 2020-15 amends Chapter 93 to bring the Town Code into compliance with recently adopted regulations governing vessel anchoring and mooring in Florida Statutes Chapters 327 and 328; which pre-empted much of the vessel anchoring and mooring regulations to the State. Recommended Action: Forward Ordinance 2020-15 to the November 2, 2020 Regular Meeting for second reading and public hearing.

Manatee County No Meetings

City of Anna Maria Thursday the 8th @ 2:00pm

No issues.

City of Bradenton Beach Thursday the 1st @ 6:00pm (Last Week)

No Issues

City of Bradenton No Meetings  

City of Holmes Beach No Meetings

City of Palmetto Monday the 5th @ 7:00pm

No issues

Hillsborough County Wednesday the 7th @ 9:00am  

Approve a Lease Agreement (“Agreement”) between Hillsborough County (“County”) and Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) for continued use of the Courtney Campbell Causeway Boat Ramp (“Causeway Ramp”). Since 1975, the County and FDOT have had a lease agreement in place for the ramp to support community use. During FY 2019, more than 30,000 patrons utilized the Causeway Ramp to access Tampa Bay for recreational boating activities and commercial fishing. The Causeway Ramp provides an economic driver for the region.There is no rent associated with this Agreement. The lease term shall be 25 years with two renewal options of 5 years each. In FY 2019, the County received $49,415 in revenue from boat launch fees at the Causeway Ramp. The County provides the City of Tampa with $10,000 annually to perform daily operation and maintenance activities at the Causeway Ramp per a long-standing interlocal agreement.


City of Tampa Thursday the 8th @ 5:00pm

No issues

Pinellas County Tuesday the 6th @ 9:30am

Resolution approving the use of the State Uniform Non-Ad Valorem

Collection Method, pursuant to F.S. §§ 197.3632, 197.3635, for the

dredging of the southern entrance to the Shell Key Grand Canal.

Adoption of a resolution approving the use of the State Uniform Non-Ad Valorem

Collection Method, pursuant to F.S. �� 197.3632, 197.3635, for the dredging of the southern entrance to the Shell Key Grand Canal. The resolution:

* Directs staff to estimate project costs and develop assessment methodology.

* Directs staff to petition property owners to confirm interest in the assessment.

* Directs the County Attorney to prepare interlocal agreements with the Tax Collector and

Property Appraiser for assessment administrative costs.

* Provides for mailing of the resolution to the Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, and State Department of Revenue.

Town of Belleair Tuesday the 6th @ 6:00pm

No issues

City of Belleair Beach Monday the 6th @ 6:00pm

No issues

City of Belleair Bluffs No Meetings

City of Clearwater No Meetings

City of Gulfport Tuesday the 6th @ 6:00pm

No issues

City of Indian Rocks Beach No Meetings

Town of Indian Shores No Meetings

City of Largo Tuesday the 6th @ 6:00pm

No issues

City of Madeira Beach No Meetings

Town of Redington Beach Wednesday the 7th @ 6:30pm

No issues

Town of North Redington Beach Thursday the 8th @ 6:00pm

No issues

Town of Redington Shores No Meetings

City of Oldsmar Tuesday the 6th @ 7:00pm

No issues

City of Safety Harbor Monday the 5th @ 7:00pm

No issues

City of Seminole No Meetings

City of South Pasadena No Meetings

City of St. Pete Beach Tuesday the 6th @ 6:00pm

No issues

City of St. Petersburg Thursday the 8th @ 3:00pm

Ordinance 445-H concerning the name of the playground on the Municipal Pier approach; making findings regarding such name; establishing “Glazer Family Playground” as the name during the term of an agreement between the City and the Glazer Vision Foundation; approving that agreement subject to certain conditions; amending City Code section 2-512 to reflect the name; providing for removal of the name and amendment of City Code upon the expiration or termination of the agreement


City of Tarpon Springs Tuesday the 6th @ 6;30pm

No issues

City of Treasure Island Tuesday the 6th @ 6:00pm

Approve No Wake Zone – St. James Bridge

Pasco County Tuesday the 6th @ 10:00am

Derelict Vessel Removal Grant Agreement No. 20058 – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission – To Remove Derelict Vessels Columbia and Chris Craft from Pasco County – No Funding Required

City of New Port Richey Tuesday the 6th @ 7:00pm

No issues

City of Port Richey No Meetings

Hernando County No Meetings

Southwest Florida Water Management District No Meetings

South Florida Water Management District Thursday the 8th @ 9:00am

No issues

WCIND No Meetings