SWFMIA local government agenda items for the week of September 18, 2017

  • Lee County Tuesday the 19th @ 9:30am

    No issues

  • City of Cape Coral Monday the 18th @ 4:30pm

    No issues

  • City of Fort Myers Monday the 18th @ 4:30pm

    No issues

  • Town of Fort Myers Beach Thursday the 21st @ 6:30pm

    No issues

  • City of Sanibel Saturday the 25th @ 5:00pm

    No issues

  • City of Bonita Springs Wednesday the 20th @ 9:00am

    No issues

  • Village of Estero Wednesday the 20th @ 9:30am

    No issues

  • Charlotte County No Meetings

  • City of Punta Gorda Wednesday the 20th @ 9:00am

    Discussion of Boat Trailer Parking in Special Residential Overlay District as a result of storm related seawall failures

  • Sarasota County No Meetings

  • City of North Port No Meetings

  • City of Sarasota No Meetings

  • City of Venice No Meetings

  • Town of Longboat Key No Meetings

  • Manatee County Tuesday the 19th @ 9:00am

    No issues

  • City of Anna Maria No Meetings

  • City of Bradenton Beach Thursday the 21st @ 12:00pm

    No issues

  • City of Bradenton No Meetings

  • City of Holmes Beach No Meetings

  • City of Palmetto No Meetings

  • Hillsborough County Wednesday the 20th @ 9:00am

    No issues

  • Plant City Monday the 18th @ 7:30 pm

    No issues

  • City of Tampa Monday the 18th @ 6:00pm

    No issues

  • City of Temple Terrace Tuesday the 19th @ 6:00pm

    No issues

  • Pinellas County No Meetings

  • Town of Belleair Tuesday the 19th @ 6:00pm

    No issues

  • City of Belleair Beach No Meetings

  • City of Belleair Bluffs Monday the 18th @ 6:00pm

    No issues

  • City of Clearwater Monday the 18th @ 6:00pm

    No issues

  • City of Gulfport No Meetings

  • City of Indian Rocks Beach Tuesday the 19th @ 7:00pm

    No issues

  • Town of Indian Shores Wednesday the 20th @ 5:00pm

    No issues

  • Town of Kenneth City No Meetings

  • City of Largo Tuesday the 19th @ 6:00pm

    No issues

  • City of Madeira Beach Meeting Cancelled

  • Town of Redington Beach Wednesday the 20th @ 6:30pm

    No issues

  • Town of North Redington Beach No Meetings

  • Town of Redington Shores No Meetings

  • City of Oldsmar No Meetings

  • City of Pinellas Park Thursday the 21st @ 7:30pm

    No issues

  • City of Safety Harbor No Meetings

  • City of Seminole Wednesday the 13th @ 6:00pm (Last Week)

    No issues

  • City South Pasadena No Meetings

  • City of St. Pete Beach No Meetings

  • City of St. Petersburg Thursday the 21st @ 1:00pm

    No issues

  • City of Tarpon Springs Tuesday the 19th @ 6:30pm

    No issues

  • City of Treasure Island No Meetings

  • Southwest Florida Water Management District No Meetings

  • South Florida Water Management No Meetings

  • WCIND Friday the 15th @ 4:00pm rescheduled to Monday the 25th@ 4:00pm

    Approve Charlotte County’s request to exceed the 30% cap on Marine Law Enforcement. Staff recommends approval.
    The following Project Extension Requests are submitted for Board approval:

  • Charlotte County

    C-215 Environmental Trails That Teach Signs
    C-217 USCG Auxiliary Flotilla #98 – Patrol Boat
    C-218 Fire/EMS Marine Rescue Boat

  • Lee County

    L-429 New Pass Maintenance Dredge
    L-430 Countywide Navigation Improvements FY16
    L-431 Countywide Navigation Enforcement
    L-433 Marine Safety & Navigation Work Vessel
    L-443 Edison Sailing Center – Vessel Purchase
    L-444 Cape Coral Rowing Club Scholastic Program
    L-447 Clear Your Gear Project & VEC Improvements
    L-448 Recon Website Rebuild
    L-449 Sea Grasses, Manatees, & Dolphin Education
    L-450 Stand Up For The Ocean
    L-451 Sea Turtle Educational Panel
    L-452 Shell Exhibit Fabrication & Installation
    L-456 Big Carlos Pass Dredging
    L-457 Garmin Radome
    L-458 Inflatable Rescue Boat
    L-459 Reef Education Outreach
    L-460 Journey Through Out Ecosystem
    L-461 Visitor Education Center Enhancements
    L-462 Mobile Mollusk Lab
    L-463 Creation of Uniform Signage For Boaters
    L-465 Replacement Of Aids To Navigation
    L-466 Countywide Navigation Improvements FY17
    L-467 Countywide Navigation Enforcement FY17
    L-468 Navigation Enhancement
    L-469 MLE – Lee County Sheriff’s Office
    L-470 MLE – Cape Coral PD
    L-471 MLE – City of Fort Myers PD
    L-472 MLE – City of Sanibel PD
    L-473 MLE – Town of Fort Myers Beach PD
    L-474 D & D Matlacha Boat Ramp Improvements
    L-475 Happehatchee Center ADA Boardwalk & Dock
    L-476 MLE – City of Bonita Springs PD

  • Manatee County

    M-325 Manatee County Fort Hamer Boat Ramp
    M-336 Manatee County Aids to Navigation
    M-343 Coqunia North Boat Ramp
    M-344 MLE – Manatee County Sheriff’s Office
    M-345 Manatee County Aids to Navigation
    M-346 Manatee county DV Removal
    M-348 City of Bradenton Beach – AV/DV Removal

  • Sarasota County

    S-285 Mote Marine Lab – Manatee Protection Plan
    S-287 10th Street Boat Ramp
    S-292 Sailing Squadron – Education & Support Boat
    S-293 Sailing Squadron – Dock Replacement
    S-304 Sarasota County – Sheriff Marine Patrol
    S-311 City of Venice FD – UTV
    S-312 Mote Marine Lab – Manatee Protection Plan
    S-313 City of Sarasota – Centennial Park
    S-314 City of Sarasota – DV Removal
    S-315 Sarasota County – Navigation Improvements
    S-316 Sarasota Crew – Boatyard & Rec Center
    S-317 Sarasota Sailing Squadron – Hoist & Deck
    S-319 Town of Longboat Key – Fire Department Equipment
    S-320 Town of Longboat Key – Bayfront Parking Living Shoreline
    S-321 Town of Longboat Key – DV Removal
    S-322 USCG Auxiliary Flotilla #82
    S-323 USCG Auxiliary Flotilla #84
    S-324 USCG Auxiliary Flotilla #86
    S-325 USCG Auxiliary Flotilla #87
    S-326 Venice Youth Boating Association
    S-328 MLE – SCSO
    S-330 MLE – City of Venice
    S-331 City of Sarasota – 10th Street Boat Ramp