News Release: Coast Guard to hold public meeting for waterways review in Punta Gorda, Fla.


Coast Guard to hold public meeting for waterways review in Punta Gorda, Fla.

WHO: The Coast Guard
WHAT: Public meeting to discuss Aids to Navigation
WHEN: 6 p.m., Jan.15, 2015.
WHERE: Laishley Park Municipal Marina Community Room, 120 Laishley Ct., Punta Gorda, Florida, 33950.

CHARLOTTE HARBOR, Fla. – The Coast Guard is scheduled to hold a public meeting to discuss the current Waterways Analysis and Management System (WAMS) in the Charlotte Harbor area Jan. 15, 2014.

The review consists of Charlotte Harbor, including Boca Grande Pass and the southern, navigable waters of the Peace and Myakka Rivers that are marked by Coast Guard Aids to Navigation.

The WAMS process is an essential component of both the Aids to Navigation Program and the Marine Transportation System. Coast Guard officials use WAMS to validate the adequacy of the existing aids to navigation systems and to get a better understanding of the uses of each waterway and general safety issues. WAMS focuses on the waterway’s present Aids to Navigation system, marine casualty information, port and harbor resources, changes in recreational and commercial marine vessel usage and future dredging and development projects.

This is an opportunity for the public to recommend changes for improvements of Aids to Navigation, federal publications and nautical charts within the area.

For more information, contact Chief Warrant Officer Darren Pauly, 813- 228-2191 Ext 8184 or