What to Expect in 2014

At our recent annual Planning session, the Board approved a budget for 2014. Our biggest push for the year to enhance the benefit to members is a complete overhaul of our swfmia.com site. Swfmia.com is our association site containing all kinds of association information, Boat Show Information, Legislative Updates, Industry News, etc. It is a functional site but it is time to take it to a new level.

We want our association site to have the same impact within the industry as our GBF site does on the consumer side. Pearl Brands, who developed and maintains the GBF site have been retained to work their magic on the SWFMIA site. It will have a completely new look, probably with some similarities to GBF. It will have many new features and opportunities for our members to use the site, both to communicate with other members and as a resource for industry information. Many details will follow but look for this to be another big step in the growth of our association.